Restaurants in Discovery Bay

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McSorley’s Ale House is a popular spot to grab...

Against the wind: DBICC's determined dragon boaters

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 May 2017
Pamela and Brent Wallace proudly paddle against the current with Discovery Bay International Community Church’s The Ripple Effect – and do a little good along the way. Elizabeth Kerr reports

Art and culture: DB artist Carolina Kollmann talks to Around DB

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 April 2017
Argentine transplant Carolina Kollmann holds an acrylic-and-oil mirror up to Hong Kong’s marginalised. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Let's dance: Expanding DB's fitness landscape

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 March 2017
Alyona Zarnitsyna and Ivailo Tonchev’s passion for ballroom dancing is allowing them to expand DB’s fitness landscape. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

The Water Boy: Bringing fitness and essential skills to the residents of DB

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 February 2017
Banker-turned-coach Olivier Baillet marries business and charity to bring fitness and empowerment to fellow residents. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Great Scot: We talk to DB resident and world-class athlete John Campbell

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 January 2017
DB resident John Campbell proves you’re never too old to become a world-class athlete. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Competing Flavours: DB pilot Brett Carter spills the beans on Masterchef

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 December 2016
DB pilot Brett Carter charts a course for a second career as a restaurateur after wading into the reality TV fray. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Olympic feats: DB osteopath Aaron Anderson talks to Around DB

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 November 2016
Osteopath and Australian Olympic team consultant Aaron Anderson discusses DB’s alpha types, Rio and holistic medicine with Elizabeth Kerr.

DB's soccer star Andreas Thorsen talks going pro

in Profile by Sam Agars, 1 October 2016
Prodigious teen soccer talent, DB’s own Andreas Thorsen chats with Sam Agars about making it to the Scottish Championship league.

DB Rotary club founder Christian Chasset talks to Around DB

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 September 2016
As the founder of DB’s new Rotary Club, Christian Chasset doesn’t want a cheque from you – he wants your time. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

DB band Helium3 launch their second album

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 August 2016
Looking at a second album release on August 8, Discovery Bay’s own Helium3 props its feet on the Marshall and makes a case for the resort as a rock ’n’ roll haven. Elizabeth Kerr reports.
Maddie Bowden and Tiffany Amber Tomlinson

Triple threats

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 July 2016
DB’s own Maddie Bowden, 11, and Tiffany Amber Tomlinson, 6, have their sights on stardom this month in the shadow of the Great White Way. Elizabeth Kerr reports

Meet Lantau snake charmer William Sargent

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 June 2016
Pui O snake buff William Sargent aims to remove the fear factor from some of Lantau’s most numerous residents. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Meet the 2016 Young Writers Competition's finalists

in Profile by Sam Agars, 1 May 2016
Reporting on the Around DB and Life on Lantau Young Writer’s Competition entries for 2016, Sam Agars discovers what really keeps Lantau students up at night.

Community tribute for Sam Kwok from Fresh Fruit Juice Paradise

in Profile by Sam Agars, 1 April 2016
To commemorate the sad demise of Sam Kwok, the owner of DB’s Fresh Fruit Juice Paradise, Sam Agars shares an outpouring of love from grieving residents.

Curtain up for Discovery Bay resident Micah Sandt

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 April 2016
DB actor Micah Sandt, 26, has a handle on the most crucial tools of the trade: talent, drive and a robust sense of humour about it all. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

So long for now: Sue Meldrum

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 March 2016
Departing DBer Sue Meldrum leaves a welcoming legacy she hopes to need again one day. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

To serve and protect - Kevin Laurie's crab crusade

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 February 2016
From the police force to conservation, it’s all about saving Hong Kong for DBer Kevin Laurie. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

The people's choice: Amy Yung

in Profile by Sam Agars, 1 January 2016
Having just been elected to serve her fifth term as the DB representative on the Islands District Council, Amy Yung is as passionate about her post and the people of DB as ever.

Literary close-up with Discovery Bay's David Harris Lang

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, December 2015
Architect and author David Harris Lang is refining a skill for Asian crime thrillers – two fingers at a time. He opens up to Elizabeth Kerr about witches, rabbis, private dicks… and working for Walmart.

Queen Green - Catherine Touzard helps us live sustainably with our environment

in Profile by Angie Bucu, November 2015
Looking for a role model to prove that it’s possible for us to live sustainably with our environment, Angie Bucu consults 17-year DB resident Catherine Touzard.